Washing Machines for 200 & 300l Buggies

MPU 600 Washing Machine for Trays, 200l Buggies / Eurobins / Trays / Crates and Euro pallets

The MPU 600 Universal Washing Machine is the complete solution for many applications and has the benefit of modular construction by adding extra modules the capacity can be increased by 50%.


  • Hydraulic loader and unloader for Buggies / Eurobins.
  • MW 600 Pre-wash module for heavily soiled articles.
  • S0 600 Air blow off unit
  • Vapour extraction arrangement.
  • Bespoke infeed and outfeed conveyor arrangements.
  • Heating medium can be gas, steam, electric or combed electric/steam
Technical Data Sheet MPU 600


MWF-1 Washing Machine for 200l & 300l Buggies / Eurobins / Tote bins

  • MWF-1 Up to 60 standard 200L units per hour.
  • MWF-2 Up to 90 standard 200L units per hour.
  • MWF-1-300 Up to 60 standard 300L units per hour.
Technical Data Sheet MWF 1