Column Lifters


 Lift-Tipping device for 200ltr Euro tubs                                             


Single Column Lifters up to 4550 mm tipping height.

DanTech's single and double (twin) column lifters come in a range of tilting heights from 1050-4550 mm high, built for 200 & 300 litre buggies, Eurotubs (DIN 9797), curing tanks, tote bins and Dolavs with the following features:

  • Stainless steel construction, grade 1.4301 (304)
  • Hoist lift with braked gearmotor drive. 5 m/min lifting speed
  • “Dead Mans” switch control.
  • Adjustable tipping height in 100 mm intervals.
  • CE and USDA compliant
  • Ready to fix and connect to power supply.
  • Chain break fail safe mechanism


  • Interlocked safety gate system
  • Static or Mobile under carriage (up to 2050 mm tipping height)
  • 90 degrees turned fork
  • Bespoke designs on request for bakery containers, barrels & special vessels
Click here for 028025L Type L25 lift-tipping device for 200 litre Euro tubs



Double Column Lifters for 200L Buggies & 700L Containers

Lifting and tilting of box conatiners with a max weight of 1000kg and a tilting height of 2350mm

The lifter is equipped with a safety fence with electrical interlocked doors.

Technical Data Sheet Lifting & Tilting Machine Double Column