Ice Making Machines

Ice Generator

Ice Flaker/Generators

Ice generators are designed to produce "dry" ice flakes, invaluable in the meat, fish, baking, chemical, transportation, hotel & catering industries.

Available in Two Versions:

  • Compact version with refrigeration combined package
  • Separate version with remote refrigeration package

Benefits of Dry Ice Flakes:


  • 1 mm thick "dry" flake gives better coverage & absorbtion.
  • Thin flakes reduces blunting of sharp tools, cutter knives etc.
  • Temperatures range -7°C to -9°C Q
  • Quick and effective cooling of each raw material
  • 7 Sizes from WL-350 to WL 6000
  • Production 350 to 5800 kg/24h


  • Insulated containers available from stock
Click here for data sheet on ice makers