Vacuum Tumblers


The wide range of  vacuum meat tumblers designed and built to improve the texture and quality of muscles of all meats in a vacuum environment. For massaging, marinading, tempering, cooking etc.

Built with single or double jacket features for heating/cooling to the highest production demands.

Size range: 500 litres to 10,000 litres

New Tilting Range increases capacity by 25% Type MAH

Features & Benefits:
- Unique helicoidial blade system
- Microprocessor control system
- Multiple programme parameters "time-direction-vacuum"
- Pulsating vacuum system
- Dual stage vacuum protection


  • "POWERMON" Computerised process monitoring and data collection
  • Heating and cooling
  • Vacuum loading
Click here for MA series tumbler Click here for MA-PSCH  with heating & Cooling
Click here for MA-PSCH with cooling Click here for MH series with tilting