Microwave Boost Heating

Continuous Boost System Series

The MIB system is used for pre or post heating processes in the food industry or for heating up material quickly and efficiently in the food and non-food industry.

Continuous Tunnels:
Single or multiple tunnel applicators served by a single or multiple of microwave generators / transmitters, 90 or 120 cm width belt, 896 or 915 MHz.

Standard Specifications Include:
High pressure carbon dioxide fire suppression system to comply with latest IEC regulation IEC 60519-6
Stainless steel construction with pin-choke attenuation tunnels.
Rotary antenna feeds top and bottom.
Full PLC touchscreen control panel with Ethernet connection.
Extract ports for vapour extraction.
Belt wash system for the belt conveyor with air blow-off system connected to local water supply.
1.5 m standard infeed conveyor.
1.5 m standard outfeed conveyor.

Vision image monitoring, automatically adjusts power setting depending on input load.
Different belt and applicator types.

Technical Data Sheet Microwave Boost Heating