Microwave Transmitters


12 pulse heavy duty transformer with low ripple effect to minimise harmonic effects. These transmitters are CE compliant and available in 896 or 915 MHz. Transmitters can be used for many applications and constructed within heavy duty enclosures, stainless steel or powder coated.

  1. 75 kW Industrial Microwave circulator with power reflection capability.

  2. Heavy duty HV transformer, designed for low ripple.

  3. Touchscreen localised system fault finding and system control.

  4. Analogue metering display. 

  5. Isolated cooling enclosure. 

  6. Transmitter interior is internally illuminated. 

  7. Stainless steel secondary cooling pump. 

  8. External stainless steel plate heat exchanger automatic thermostatic flow controls.

  9. Complete CE approved system interlocks for hardware protection.