Die Set Rack

Die Set Rack

Form Pressing



Die sets are heavy and expensive therefore DanTech make cleaning racks for 2 or 4 sets of dies. The rack can be taken right up to the press so lifting is minimal. For the safe removal and replacement of the top and bottom dies with a storage hook for the end block.

The racks can be cleaned by high pressure or foam whatever suits your application. Hygienic construction is heavy angled stainless steel grade 1.4301 (SIS 304) for holding 2 or 4 die sets with hook for the end ram blocks fitted with 2 fixed & 2 swivel castors.

Pt No 220004 Capacity: 2 sets of dies.
Pt No 100001 Capacity: 2 sets of dies.



Specifcation Cleaning Rack for 2 die sets Specifcation Cleaning Rack for 4 die sets
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