Volumetric Liquid Heating by Microwave Power

Volumetric Liquid Heating by Microwave Power

Microwave Technology


Designed and built by Dantech MHU has been designed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer institute of Stuttgart the well-known manufacturers of dairy equipment and C. van ‘t Riet Zuiveltechnologie BV and Schwartzwald Milch (Black Forest Milk Company).

The continuous liquid heating systems has many advantages over traditional heating methods used in the diary sector. For instance, when heating products such as yoghurt, quark and milk extensive CIP cleaning systems are needed to keep the flow and reduce the build-up of proteins within heat exchangers and tubes.

Part funded by EU grant KBBE.2013.2.5-02


Microwave Heating Unit Brochure Reasearch Paper ~ Volumetric Liquid Heating MHU-1 Microwave Reactor Specification Process Diagram for Liquid Pasteurization
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