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MHM Range of Multi-Needle Injectors


MHM Range of Multi-Needle Injectors

Meat Processing by METALBUD NOWICKI


Nowicki Multi-Needle Injectors

The MHM series injectors are the classic and versatile models intended for injection with brine solutions used for bone-in and boneless meat, meat components, carcasses and chicken components, fish and fish fillets.

Advantages of MHM injectors

  • For high and low injection rates
  • Smooth adjustment of the head and conveyor speed as standard (on MHM 21 model – option)
  • High efficiency centrifugal brine pump made of stainless steel
  • Intuitive touch panel operator panel
  • Smooth brine pressure control on the control panel
  • Mixing and pumping brine from the tank (applies to rotary filter)
  • Screw pumps for heavy brine (option)
  • Closed loop brine circuit
  • Easy-to-clean, moisture-proof brine filtration system
  • Eeasy and quick replacement and cleaning of the entire head
  • Easy to clean and disassemble the conveyor

Model                                   Sockets          Max Number of Needles
MHM 21/84                          21                                       84        

MHM 39/156                        39                                      156
MHM 68/204                       68                                     204
MHM 136/408                    156                                      408    


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