Flat Pallet Washing


Flat Pallet Washing

Industrial Washing Machines


Flat Pallet Washer

Art.-Nr. 2272001

For cleaning and rinsing of EURO pallets.
Washing and rinsing of EURO-pallets with size 1200x800x160 mm. Manually adding the detergent into the main washing tank, automatic dosing pump is an option. Electrical heating, steam heating is an option. Machine corpus made entirely out of stainless steel, material No. 1.4301. The machine complies with the high CE- Requirements and EU- and USDA regulations.


Power supply:   400 V 50 Hz
Control Voltage:               24 V AC
Power consumption:      44 kW
Water line pressure:       min 3 bar – max 5 bar
Electrical heating:            3×12 kW
Water inlet:        R 1” /cold water/
Water inlet:        R 1/2” /warm water/
Water outlet:     R 2”
Capacity:              up to 150 pcs / h
Machine weight:              approx. 600 kg
Machine dimensions:     3930 x 1000 x 1656 mm
Pallet dimensions:           4100 x 1200 x 2000 mm

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