Single Column Lifters

Single Column Lifters

Column Lifters & Swing Loaders


Available in stationary and portable formats.

For easy discharging of buggies. Scaffolding, piston column, etc. complete of stainless steel 1.4301. Chain drive includes a broken chain device as a standard. If requested the lifting and tilting machine can also be produced with a stainless-steel chain drive. Tipping over limits of 1050 to 4550 mm. High-quality BAUER transmission motors with brake. Completely wired with all safety components from TELEMECANIQUE, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS etc. The lifters are manufactured to the CE standards , according to EU and USDA standards.
Whenever you want to discharge bulk material this is one piece of equipment you cannot do without. Special types of chutes, funnels, lifting forks or lifting platforms can be attached to our lifting machine depending on type and viscosity of the material to be handled. By adapting our machine to the specific requirements of the commodity in question, almost any kind of material can be handled. Portable lifting machines are especially useful when you want to load a row of machines with bulk material.
Undercarriage refer to table.

Our different systems for emptying buggies, box pallets and plastic barrels have been developed and realised in close co-operation with the works management and the technological department of a leading manufacturer in the food industry. The aims we set ourselves is comprised of the following targets:

  • Finding an economical solution
  • Optimising the process
  • Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene
  • Easy handling of the machine
  • Using only top quality components whose reliability has been proven

The fact that our customers have always been satisfied with our products shows that all these targets have been fulfilled.


Art-NoTilting Height mmModelUndercarriage Art-No.
4.000.011050-1550left4.016.01Carrying capacity: 300kg
4.001.011050-1550right4.017.01Motor capacity: 0.75kW
4.002.011550-2050left4.016.01Electric supply: 400V 50Hz
4.003.011550-2050right4.017.01Control voltage: 24V
4.004.012050-2550leftLifting speed: 5m/min
4.005.012050-2550rightAdjustable in steps of 100mm


Single Column Lifter Dimensions sheet Single Column Lifter Data sheet
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