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Taurus Grinders


Taurus Grinders

Meat Processing by METALBUD NOWICKI


Taurus Automatic Grinders by Metalbud Nowicki are very heavy-duty mincers/grinders built for high industrial usage for fresh and frozen product down to -20 Celsius.

All stainless-steel construction with 4 models to suit your capacity requirements:

Model                   Throat Ø          Output               Speed rpm          Power kW
W-130                   130 mm           >3000 kg/h           440/220              13.5/20

W-160                   160 mm           >9000 kg/h           300/150          25/34 – 28/38
W-200                   200 mm          >12,000 kg/h        300/150               37/53
W-280                   280 mm          >21,000 kg/h          > 240                 >156

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