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Washers for 200 & 300l Euro-Bins & Pallet Boxes


Washers for 200 & 300l Euro-Bins & Pallet Boxes



Nowicki offers three model of washing machines that suit standard food industry containers.

  • MPD-1 Single 200 or 300 litre buggies
  • MPD-2 Double washer for 2 x 200 or 300 litre buggies
  • MWF-1 Washer for box pallets

Every machine comes with interlocked safety cages and loading/unloading door.

The washing water circulates in a filtered closed circuit, which, combined with the possibility of adjusting the amount of rinsing water, guarantees the total water consumption at a level satisfying the user.

  • Water heating options: electric, steam, electric-steam, gas and oil
  • Automatic detergent dispenser for precise chemical dosing
  • Rotary filter (standard on MWF-2)
  • Multi-level service security system during the process
  • Closed circuit with impurity filtration system
  • Touchscreen panel – a fully programmable cleaning process broken down into individual operations

Capacities (depending on degree of soiling)

  • MWF-1 Up to 60 buggies/h
  • MWF-2 Up to 90 buggies/h
  • MPD-1 Up to 30 boxes/h
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